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Our Services

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy​

Parents often seek therapy to address a wide variety of behavioral and mental health concerns for their children. PMP provides comprehensive psychotherapy services for children of all ages. I have specialized training in evidence-based child clinical therapeutic approaches, which guides the appropriate assessment and treatment of our children and their families. Using integrative approaches tailored to each child’s developmental level and presenting issues, some of the challenges that we treat include: 

  • Trauma

  • Anger management

  • Conflict with parents and siblings

  • Social skills difficulties

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Behavioral problems at home and/or school

  • Adjustment difficulties

  • Bullying

Adult Psychotherapy
Adult psychotherapy sessions focus on prioritizing empathy, collaboration, and goal-orientation while helping people identify and change ineffective patterns of thinking, to live a more satisfying life. Talk therapy with a mental health therapist can address many issues with adults including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, conflict resolution professional stressors, chronic mental health concerns, and parenting issues.
At the beginning of treatment, a clinical evaluation is conducted which guides the development of an individualized treatment plan. Through such an assessment, so much can be learned about a client’s current problems, related history, relationships, and personal strengths. 

At PMP, we recognize the uniqueness of each individual and therefore tailor treatment accordingly while placing emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and striving to create a healing environment. Our views of therapy are one that is a guided discovery in which clients examine issues, gain new perspectives, and develop and practice coping skills.

Couples Counseling

Every relationship comes with its unique challenges including loss of affection, chronic arguing, becoming distant, abusiveness, sexual concerns, infidelity, etc. However, when anger, unhappiness, or troubling behavior becomes the norm in the relationship, it is time to seek therapy. PMP offers couples therapy utilizing evidence-based strategies that are tailored to meet the needs of each unique couple. Improvements in relationships include improved communication, building greater trust, a better understanding of one another’s needs, and improved conflict resolution skills.

Romantic Couple

Parent Coaching/Training

Children face stressors the same as adults and the goal at PMP is to ensure parents are aware of and can provide the necessary support to help guide their children through these tough times. Untreated, or even under-treated, early childhood behavioral disorders put children at known risk for the development of other adjustment difficulties – academically, socially, vocationally, and interpersonally – later in life. I work with parents to develop routines, develop sustainable boundaries, rules, and expectations within the home setting. I also realize the importance of self-care as parenting can be overwhelming, amazing, and oftentimes mind-boggling. 

Intensive In-community*

Intensive In-Community (IIC) mental health rehabilitative services are intensive, community-based, family-centered, mental health services delivered by a licensed clinician. I have been trained in a variety of areas including, but not limited to individual and family therapy to address issues surrounding oppositional defiance, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorder, depression, and parent-child conflict. These services target the children’s behavioral and emotional needs and are provided in the child’s home and/or community ending at age 21.

*This service is only available through PerformCare in the state of New Jersey and is coming soon to PMP.

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